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How much time do you waste exporting all your data and analyzing your numbers in Excel?

With Master Metrics you can automate and level-up your CRM Reporting

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Can’t find the time to learn how to use another software?

One of our customer specialists will create the reporting for you, free of charge

Automate your reporting and get your sales reps competing and sharing best practices:
Performance per rep: assigned leads, conversion rates, sales and more.
Track activity per rep (calls, emails, meetings, and more)

Create Cohort Reporting to truly understand how Opportunities Convert (%) over time from one Sales Stage to another

Group tables by day, week, month, quarter or year

Not so sure what metrics you should be tracking from your CRM?

We will help you understand your KPIs

Answer complex business questions:

    What is the conversion rate per acquisition source per week for this quarter?
    How many calls does a sales rep need to close a lead?
    How many calls you need to schedule to send a proposal? Does this number change per industry or customer segment?
    What percentage of proposals closed to Won? Does this change by sales rep? Or by acquisition source?

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